Please fill out the form and submit to us by noon on Monday, April 8th.

Please email PHOTOS of your set up! If you don’t have a photo, a photo of a sketch drawn out is welcome too.

Each vendor space is 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep.

Set up for Good Friday from 3-5pm. Load in at 300 Ross ave or 200 Princess ave. We will guide you where to load in once we’ve devised the floor plan.


Check the set up that applies to you (you can choose more than one)
You are only allowed to use finishing nails & tape. Both of which must be removed during load out. 3M hooks and screws are not allowed.
Please note: Electrical is limited. We will do our best to accommodate requests for those vendors who require an outlet.
We prefer NO built walls. Example: NO 6foot high wood L shaped walls. We find these block off the space in an undesirable way and makes it hard to place you. We prefer to keep it open concept, not booths separated by walls