"Only connect...", the first two words of a famous poet's epigraph sums LUCKYGIRL up perfectly. It's simple, it's meaningful and it's full of intention. (MC Ren's album title "Keep it Real" also came to mind, but we thought we should stick to English poets instead of rappers when discussing true love.)

We, Rachael and Mairen, are guided by this principle when photographing people. Connect. We want our work to resonate with you and for you to trust the way we see the world. We look for beauty and meaning and joy in everything we witness. Our intention is to give people something look upon and be connected, in the most superb way, to the feeling of that very moment they are seeing.

For all the times when we've done exactly this for couples, we are grateful to them for asking us to document their nuptials and to have given them such a grand gift.

And for those who are looking for just this... we can't wait to meet you.