Sylvia & Graeme engagement shoot

Luckygirl was there when Sylvia and Graeme won this stunning diamond engagement ring at this years Appelt's Diamond Dash!  Super exciting, and what a gorgeous ring!  We were equally excited when they asked luckygirl to shoot their wedding this summer.  I (Mairen) met up with Sylvia and Graeme on a beautiful sunny early spring day at Assiniboine Park in hopes of catching some of the last bits of hoar frost for their engagement session.  But...  literally within minutes of getting to park the frost melted away, bummer! So we decided to make the most of it anyways and I really wanted to explore the new family centre building at the duck pond.  I was loving all the copper walls and windows!  We had a great time!  After meeting with S&G I knew that luckygirl would be a good fit for them.  Graeme follows many of the same unique and world famous photogs that we follow.  He is also a lover of film and polaroid photography.  He brought along his precious vintage polaroid which he only uses on special occasions, and will only allow himself to take one photo, due to the fact that polaroid has stopped making film for his type of camera.  He was smart though, he bought a good stash of film that will last him for a while.  I was super excited when told me I could take one photo with his polaroid!  I love this engagement shoot! Ok on with the photos! Enjoy!

photos by Mairen